noteworthy recent sales and acquisitions

Following our sale of the domain name ‘’ for a more-than-expected $487,500 in 2019, it was clear that the market for domain names was still extremely buoyant. As such it came as no surprise when the number of sales increased towards the latter part of last year and into 2020. Indeed there has been brisk movement in terms of sales and acquisitions in recent months, the most noteworthy domain sales in the first quarter of 2020 being: –  $51,000  –  £15,600  –  £14,500 –  £12,000  –  £8,400


During this time, our more notable domain acquisitions have included: have grown to become one of the market leaders with regard to the trading of premium gambling and betting domain names with a very large selection available for purchase. We also possess a huge selection of non-gambling domain names in various categories including premium generic names, two-character LL UK domain names and three-character LLL UK domains.

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