Sales of 2-Letter UK Domain Names remain Buoyant

Proof that demand for UK 2-letter domain names remains extremely buoyant was in evidence last week when announced the sale of for a price of £83,000. This came hot on the heels of the sale of which realised an impressive £187,200 details here

While these prices may have raised a few eyebrows, the fact remains that they are still relatively inexpensive when compared to the sort of prices realised by their .com counterparts, some of these selling for anywhere between £1million and £10million depending on the letters involved.

The direct result of these two sales is that many owners of similar two-letter UK domain names are now starting to increase their prices, reports continuing to show that the market for such domains is extremely buoyant.

We at have a large and varied selection of domain names for sale and you can browse our full listing of 2 letter UK domains HERE. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch using the Contact Us form and we will endeavour to locate your preferred domain name. noteworthy recent sales and acquisitions

Following our sale of the domain name ‘’ for a more-than-expected $487,500 in 2019, it was clear that the market for domain names was still extremely buoyant. As such it came as no surprise when the number of sales increased towards the latter part of last year and into 2020. Indeed there has been brisk movement in terms of sales and acquisitions in recent months, the most noteworthy domain sales in the first quarter of 2020 being: –  $51,000  –  £15,600  –  £14,500 –  £12,000  –  £8,400


During this time, our more notable domain acquisitions have included: have grown to become one of the market leaders with regard to the trading of premium gambling and betting domain names with a very large selection available for purchase. We also possess a huge selection of non-gambling domain names in various categories including premium generic names, two-character LL UK domain names and three-character LLL UK domains.

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betting odds domains

Betting Odds Domains for Sale

Online betting has enjoyed spectacular growth over recent years and with the betting market becoming ever more competitive, it is extremely important that online gambling and betting companies have the best possible domain name. One of the more popular terms used when searching for sporting odds is ‘Betting Odds’ and if you have this term as part of your website URL, then you have a great chance of vastly increasing traffic towards your business.

The importance attached to possessing a domain name which reflects clearly your business profile was further underlined when we sold ‘’ for $487,500. Indeed while it is undeniably of the utmost importance that your site has the best possible website address, many investors are attracted to high-profile domain names and they can realise extremely high sums.

We have for sale the following ‘Betting Odds’ domain names which you can purchase as a complete package for offers of £300,000 or more. Included in this sale will be the trademark for ‘Bettingodds’ and ‘Betting Odds’.


Trademark Number UK00003297578


Should you be interested in these ‘betting odds’ domains or require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the Contact Page. sells for $150,000

If any proof were needed that sales of gambling domain names remain buoyant, the sale of for an impressive $150,000 will surely have silenced even the most ardent pessimists. The domain was brokered by Brian Michitti and sold by Sedo, the sale itself continuing a well established trend that has resulted in numerous gambling-related domain names trading for very high figures.

Indeed the market shows little sign of slowing down any time soon with several gambling-related domain names changing hands for six-figure sums over the past few months. The signs are that this trend will continue down the same path with many key domain names still waiting to be snapped up. have some premium gambling-related domain names up for grabs including and, plus many more catering for every aspect of the gambling industry.

The betting industry on the whole has been subjected by a series of restrictive regulations in recent months, however this has been more than offset by the continued relaxing and opening up of many worldwide markets – in particular the USA and Asia. This has resulted in confidence growing in the industry at a time which other sectors are struggling and this has been reflected in increasing share prices.

The likelihood is that many betting companies will continue their investment in key domain names as the USA continues to relax their rules and open up the doors to gambling companies. This is excellent news for the market. are one of the most popular and trusted domain traders in the UK with a large selection of premium gambling-related and non-gambling-related generic domain names, along with a massive selection of two-character LL UK domain names and three-character LLL UK domains for sale.